Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Spent With Me

This week is my spring break, but my kids have school so I've had a lot of ME time. Today I decided to go on a date with my camera.

One of the places I went was our Main Street which is also our historical district. It was really busy down there because the weather was WONDERFUL. At least for those of us who love summer type weather. So, there were people wandering around everywhere.

I managed to sneak a photo of this man sitting on a bench outside a shop waiting for his wife. She was shopping and he was reading. I guess that's as a good a way as any to pass the time when your wife is shopping. He seemed very content to be sitting there with his book.

 A Reader on 365 Project

 Just looking up at the dusky sky while standing behind the fence at my son's baseball game.

 A View from Below on 365 Project

 I got to have a day out with just my camera. I spent it visiting old haunts. I had so much fun just hanging out with myself and my camera (as well as my cellphone camera). At first I was not sure where the nostalgia was coming from, but as I was walking through a field I used to play in it occurred to me that:
1) My oldest living child is getting ready to turn 13.
2) In about a week it will mark 20 years since I graduated college.
3) My 25 year high school reunion is coming up in September.

That's a lot for one year.

 My Day Out on 365 Project

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