Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Snog (7/27/09)

Two ground hogs at the St. Louis Zoo.
115.8 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/170s @ ISO 100

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nap Time (7/26/09)

A sleeping tiger at the St. Louis Zoo.
50 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/150s @ ISO 200

Waiting Patiently (7/25/09)

It was sea lion feeding time at the St. Louis zoo and although this gal seems to be waiting patiently, she was as close as she could get to the trainer with the food without actually climbing up on him. However, at least she wasn't the one barking loudly at the trainer.

77 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/160s @ ISO 400

Who's Watching Who? (7/24/09)

This sea lion at the St. Louis Zoo was having so much fun watching the people gathered around the fence, I began to wonder exactly who was on exhibit. The little boy kept moving his head back and forth the same as the sea lion.

63 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/150s @ ISO 400

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Climatron Stream (7/23/09)

A waterfall stream in the Climetron at Missouri Botanical Garden.

7.9 mm. F 4.0 @ 1/170s @ ISO 64

Calathea (7/22/09)

This picture was taken in the Climetron at Missouri Botanical Garden.

6.3 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/60s @ ISO 200

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chinese Garden (PaD 7/21/09)

A view of the Chinese Garden at Missouri Botanical Garden

6.3 mm. F 3.5 @ 1/60s @ ISO 100

Lilly Pink (PaD 7/20/09)

These are some more water lilies from the Missouri Botanical Garden. I really liked the way one "stood over" the other. The pink color was just gorgeous.

127.2 mm. F 5.0 @ 1/300s @ ISO 64

Floating Lilly (PaD 7/19/09)

A water lilly in the Japanese Garden at Missouri Botanical Garden.

69.6 mm. F 6.3 @ 1/340s @ ISO 64

Drinking Flowers (PaD 7/18/09)

A meandering stream in the English Woodland Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

6.3 mm. F 5.0 @ 1/140s @ ISO 64

Sunburst in the Garden (PaD 7/17/09)

This is another picture taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden. These gates lead to the rose garden.

6.3 mm. F 6.3 @ 1/150s @ ISO 64

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gathering Nectar

This picture was taken at The Missouri Botanical Gardens in the Center for Home Gardening. I followed this bee around this patch of flowers for about 15 minutes before I got a shot of it sitting on a flower.

6.3 mm. F 5.0 @ 1/400s @ ISO 64

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Standing Tall

Here is another shot of the Lewis & Clark statue that stands on our riverfront.

6.3 mm. F3.5@ 1/170s @ ISO 64

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Larger than Life

This is a statue of Lewis & Clark that is standing in our park on our riverfront. This is a very large statue that was put on our Riverfront in 2006 to commemorate 200 years since Lewis and Clark left St. Charles to journey up the Missouri River into the Louisiana Territory. This is just one shot I took of this statue. The sun was setting and I liked the way it was glinting off the statue.

6.3 mm. F6.3@ 1/170s @ ISO 64

Watchin' the River

One evening last week I took a walk down along our riverfront by myself. I had my camera with me just to see if I could find something interesting to photograph. I saw this woman sitting on the grass watching the river. She seems so peaceful and serene I couldn't resist getting a couple shots of her.

45.8 mm. F3.5 @ 1/250s @ ISO 400

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

These two birds were watching us so intently the day we went to Grant's Farm that I began to wonder if maybe we were the ones on exhibit and not them. They followed us all the way around the perimeter of their habitat with their eyes.

25.7 mm. F3.5 @ 1/150s @ ISO 800

Sunny Reflection (PaD 7/11/09)

This is the creek that runs along side Grant's Farm's entrance. This picture was taken from the covered pedestrian bridge you must cross to get to the tram that takes you into Grant's Farm. I always find this little creek so serene and peaceful. It's hard to imagine by this picture that a busy city fairway is only about 1/2 a mile away. The sun had come out after a pretty cloudy and drizzly morning.

6.3 mm. F4.0 @ 1/160s @ ISO 64

Struttin' (PaD 7/10/09)

This picture was taken at Grant's Farm in St. Louis County. Grant's Farm is acreage that the Busch family lived on for several generations. President Grant's hand built cabin is located on this property. They also keep the Clydesdale Horses that are in the Busch commercials at Grant's Farm. There are several animals there. It is free to visit and you ride a tram through a large part of the property before arriving at the exhibits. This flamingo is part of the water bird exhibit. I really liked the way he kept spreading his wings and strutting around the edge of the pond.

141.7 mm. F3.5 @ 1/125s @ ISO 100

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Which One?

This picture was taken at our park. My son was enjoying some quiet time playing in the water with a stick he found. After looking at the original, I decided to see what it would look like in black and white. So here are both versions. I'm curious as to which one people like better.

9.4 mm. F3.5 @ 1/350s @ ISO 64

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer by the Pond

Here is another picture taken at the local park with the pond. I loved how the flowers do not seem to overtake the whole scene, but add to it.

15.4 mm. F3.5 @ 1/140s @ ISO 64

Relaxing (PaD for 7/7/09)

This picture was taken at one of our local parks on a very sunny afternoon. The pond, obviously, is man made, but the setting is still very peaceful and serene. It's a great place to spend some time during a summer afternoon.

40.9 mm. F3.5 @ 1/480s @ ISO 200

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Three R's

This picture was taken inside the one room school house at Daniel Boone's Home village. It was a very small building with only three rows of benches. My daughter loved this building and found it really cool that she got to sit down and pretend to be at school like Laura Ingels Wilder. I had fun playing with the filters in my photo editing software and like the mood the sepia conveys.

6.3 mm. F3.5 @ 1/105s @ ISO 800

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old School

This is a picture I took of the one room school house they have in the village at Daniel Boone's home in Defiance, MO. It is a composite of the same picture in color, black and white, sepia and done with a antique filter.

6.3 mm. F3.5 @ 1/400s @ ISO 64

Soggy Parade (Pic #2 for 7/4/09)

Because it is 4th of July and because there were two parts to my day, I am posting two pictures for that day. This was taken while I was walking in our city's 4th of July Parade. It rained on our parade. It actually rained most of the day on 4th of July here. This was the last part of the parade route. We were going down our Main Street which is the historical district in our town. At this point we were all soggy and wanting to get dry.

This picture was taken as I was walking and trying to keep up with a float that was going much faster than a normal parade float would go. This float represented all the girl scout troops that are included in our girl scout neighborhood. It had a tent and a campfire which is hard to see since so many of the girls were getting tired and piled onto the float.

6.3 mm. F3.5 @ 1/90s @ ISO 64

Personal Display (Pic for 7/4/09)

In honor of Independence Day, I am posting a picture of fireworks that my family set off for the 4th of July. We usually set off a whole bunch ourselves instead of fighting crowds to see "official" display. This was taken with available light only and without a tripod because I forgot to take it with me. Otherwise I'd have shot with a slower shutter speed.

45,8 mm. F3.5 @ 1/45s @ ISO 800

Nostalgia (Pic for 7/3/09)

This is another picture I took the day we went to Daniel Boone's home in Defiance, MO. This is a corner display that was set up in the "dress maker's shop" home. I thought it was very elegant and really liked the look of it. When I uploaded it, I played with it some and really liked the way it looked with the sepia filter added to it.

8.0 mm. F3.5 @ 1/160s @ ISO 800

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bell Tower

This is the bell tower of a church they have in the Daniel Boone Historic site. It's in the village they called Boonesfield. It is not of Daniel Boone's time period. It began as a general store in the 1800's. The German settlers that came to this part of Missouri and did not speak English wanted a church. They bought the general store and turned it into a church. The building was moved across farmland to it's present location and restored to what it looked like in 1904.

6.3 mm. F8.0 @ 1/640s @ ISO 64

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A View With Windows

Today, my kids and I went to Daniel Boon Historic site. This is a view of Nathan Boone's house. Nathan was Daniel's son. Daniel lived in this house with his son until he died. It is located in Defiance, MO. This is about half and hour from my home. It's a really cool place to visit. I actually took tons of pictures there today. I liked the way this one turned out, I like the lines and the dark clouds behind it, which by the way were only there for a short time today.

If anyone would like to read about the whole day my kids and I spent together you can do so by clicking on the blog link to the right that says "Life of the Daily Kind."

6.3 mm. F3.5 @ 1/500s @ ISO 64