Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Parts of My Life

My son had his second game this week. He actually plays shortstop and second base. He trades shortstop with another boy so when he's not there he's on second base. He amazes me every game with the way his skills are developing. His team won 15 - 7 this week. WTG Titans!

 My Lil Short Stop on 365 Project

 Here is a picture of my mama goose I've been keeping an eye on and her babies. They are so cute. I just wish I could get a closer shot of them.

 Baby Geese on 365 Project

 We are renovating our very old master bath in our house. It is being done in blues and browns. So, I have been looking at possible "finishing touches" for our bathroom. Here I am looking at a rug that may do for the floor.

 Bathroom Accessory Shopping on 365 Project

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