Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tartan Days

This weekend is The Tartan Days festival in our town. It's all about Scottish and Irish heritage. Our dear friends that run the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue are always involved in this. We took our puppies down to walk in the parade with SLSTR (it was wet and rainy) and got to see some of the Heavy Event. It is fun to watch these men toss these things around. Most of them use the spinning technique like this man is doing. (in another note, they all wear shorts under their kilts)

 Scottish Heavy Event on 365 Project

We walked with the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue in the parade for Tartan Days.  Our puppies got to participate in their first parade.  It rained and the parade ended up being very small because there were lots of wimps around here that did not want to deal with the rain.  But, we had fun anyway.

We walked in the parade with both our puppies. My kids held the banner for the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue. It was wet, but fun.

 Parade Walking on 365 Project

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