Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Art of My Photography

I love using editing programs and websites because I really enjoy the creative process of taking a picture and turning it into something special, or even giving it a different story to tell.  It is really a big part of my love of photography.  I do love getting that perfect picture that needs nothing done to it, but I also love creating art from my art with post processing.  My first picture of the day only needed a tiny bit of tweaking to bring out the vividness of the color of the flower.

Scarlet on 365 Project

This is another picture I just added a little bit of back light to, and nothing else.

Here is another one of my abstract creations for the April theme at 365project.  When I was in college I took a class on Shamanism. In this class we learned the meditation technique known as "Journeying." It is a wonderful experience and really helps you feel connected with yourself and the world around you. I still do this sometimes (not as often as I'd like) and it always helps me feel grounded and centered. As I was editing this photo, it ended up looking to me like a Journey, hence the name.
 Green Journey on 365 Project

Then, there are the cellphone apps that make taking a processed picture tons of fun.  I always have my phone with me as well as my actual camera because I can take other types of pictures with it that I cannot take with my Fuji.

 We are still without a shower as my husband is still working on our master bath. So, when I can I shower at the Y. This is me standing at a locker at the Y. I was alone in the locker room.

 After the Shower on 365 Project

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