Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strawberries, Waterfowl and Baseball

I'm so excited, my strawberries are starting to turn red... this is my first red strawberry of the season! Yeah!  This is about the fourth time we've tried to grow strawberries (we started them last year) in our yard.  Previously they kept getting picked clean by the squirrels, rabbits, etc.  But, this time we put them in a big pot on the patio and we have two dogs now that are keeping the "vermin" more at bay so my berries have more of a chance to grow now.

 First Red Strawberry on 365 Project

Some more pictures of waterfowl with water as the theme.  The ducks are funny about getting food out of the water.   They really do just throw their heads into the water.

 Splash! on 365 Project

Since I always have my camera in hand and take tons of pictures of all the boys I'm allowed in the dugout some. This is before a game while I was talking to my son.

 Mom in the Dugout on 365 Project

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