Monday, December 24, 2018


I've just been looking through my memories on Facebook.  So many posts throughout the years about how much I love Christmas Eve. It's just impossible to feel that this year. It's been such a crappy year. It will probably be the first time ever since he was born that I won't see my brother on Christmas Eve.

Twenty-eighteen has not been kind. In January I broke my ankle.  Between February and June my mom had two strokes.  My aunt died in April. My van got totaled in May. I was diagnosed with diabetes in July. My daughter started having horrible anxiety in August.  My sister-in-law passed away on December 5th. Two other people I love have had some major health issues in the past two months. And, my brother has had even more upheaval than I have.

There will be people missing from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year making it very strange. I hope and pray that there is healing happening this coming year.  I also hope I can focus on blessings as I go throughout this holiday season.