Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things Well Used

I was walking in the garden at one of the parks near my house and saw this dried grass that reminded me of paisley. I enjoyed taking pictures of things without vibrant colors today.  This is a challenge right now with so much blooming.

 Dried Paisley on 365 Project

 Since our school building is brand new, they worked hard to make sure it was outfitted with tons of technology. Each of our classroom has a mobile cart that has a class set of Netbooks which can be plugged in and charged all at once inside the cart. My students have learned which one is "theirs" and can retrieve it from the cart, log onto the desktop screen, open a browser, type in a URL and today they had to log onto their own assignments on, which is a website for which I pay a membership. On this website I can set individualized reading assignments in which they read a book and take a quiz after reading. They can also record themselves doing a reading record and it will grade it for me and let me listen to it, but I only have one microphone so we're not doing that at this time. Anyway, here I am observing one of my students as he chooses a book to read.

 Netbook Knowledge on 365 Project

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