Friday, April 20, 2012

Of Snapdragons and Sunflares

I absolutely love snapdragons.  They are so unique and not like any other flower.  I love how they come in a million different colors and come back every year in even more abundance than the year before.  I have a whole bed of snapdragons in front of my house and it always makes me happy to see them start blooming.  Here are some shots of my snapdragons so far this year.

Budding Snapdragons on 365 Project

Last summer I learned how to take pictures with sun flares.  I love doing this and love the effect on a picture that they can have if in the right place.  Here are a few of my pictures with sun flares.

Sunset Flare on 365 Project

Today my FWIS photo is a processed version of yesterdays.  It brings a different tone and feel to the photo.  I used the threshold setting on my Photoscape software to create this version of me standing at the edge of the cemetery lake. 

Lake Threshold on 365 Project

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