Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life and Loss

Saturday, our swim team had the annual awards banquet. We all got to eat and visit and spend some time together. The swimmers got their awards for their accomplishments for this year. Michaela got most improved girl for her age group.

This picture is of the swimmers who survived Grinch Week back in December when they had two a days for a week. The t-shirts are their gift for surviving such a gruesome work out schedule that week. I created the design for the t-shirt.

Grinch Week Survivors on 365 Project

Group picture of our swimmers that went to "state" (area championship meet).

And a couple of just fun shots.

n one of our local parks there is a monument for all lost children. This was started by one of our local news casters after she had a miscarriage. It was erected about 2 years before I lost my child. I have often thought of buying a brick for the baby I lost and for a while I couldn't figure out why I hesitated. But, as I've learned about myself I realized I am just too private a person when it comes to grief. I don't like to have it out in the open. So, although there is no actual brick at the monument for my child, I still feel a connection with him when I go there. My feet still belong amongst these bricks and it does bring comfort on those times when I still grieve and miss him.

 Angel of Hope on 365 Project

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