Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Twisted Rain Toes

The slide at the small aquatic center in our town. This may be the small aquatic center, but it's got the best tube slide, all twisty and turny, and oh so much fun!

Twisted: August Photo a Day 4 on 365 Project

I had to share this. It started about 3:00 a.m. with a very loud and wild thunderstorm. There are people without power and a few trees down. But, it slowed down to a nice soaking rain that has kind of come and gone for about 4 hours or so, looks like it's been about 3 inches of rain total. Everything is wet and we actually have a little bit of mud! It's over now and I really wish it would have just done this all day, but we had rain, and hopefully, this will help our atmosphere create more.

We Got Rain!!!! on 365 Project

I'm thinking I'm in need of a pedicure, or at least new polish on my toes.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Round and Puppies

My hometown at one time was a railroad town. The Katy Railroad ran across Missouri into St. Charles. There are still sections of track, but most of the bed from that railroad is now a state park. The Katy Trail State Park runs the width of Missouri. It's long and skinny and meant for biking, hiking, walking. It also runs through one of our city parks; Frontier Park which is on our park on the riverfront of the Missouri River. There are two train cars that sit down there as tokens of that era in our history. This is the wheel from one of those train cars.

Round: August Photo a Day 3 on 365 Project

Typical Little Sisters:

Typical Little Sisters on 365 Project

Izzy decided if she sat between my feet to chew on the favored antler, that maybe Livvy would leave her alone and not take it away from her.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Things That Other People Do

It bothers me the way people just throw things out of their car windows. This cup was laying on the road in front of our house today. It makes me wonder if people do not realize that when they throw something out of their car windows that it does not cease to exist. It is left to someone else to pick it up and dispose of it.

On The Road: August Photo a Day 2 on 365 Project

his man kayaked on the Missouri River from Kansas City, MO to St. Charles, MO. That is over 300 miles. They left Kansas City on Tuesday, July 31st and made it to St. Charles, today, August 2. According to some of the family members of this man, he averaged about 3.5 mph this year. That is because of the low waters. Last year the average speed was 5 mph. This picture was taken from the riverfront in Washington, MO where they kayakers stopped for a break, before finishing their journey to St. Charles which is about 40 miles from Washington.

Kayaker on 365 Project

This is me waiting at the service department for my van to be inspected. As you can see I was not the only one in the waiting room. Actually, it was almost full.

Waiting for My Van on 365 Project

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of my favorite parts of summer is watermelon. I love, love, love watermelon and I am a goddess at picking out a good one. This is our freshest watermelon yet this season. It is so sweet and juicy and I've almost eaten half of it in two days time. 

This is for the August Photo a Day Challenge posted in discussions here:

Fresh: August Photo A Day 1 on 365 Project

I am still working on my four generations picture. This is one of my options for the two youngest generations (my daughter and me).

Two Generations on 365 Project

Another view of our County Fair that does not include my feet. It's taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel, so it's more of a "from where I sit" than a "from where I stand" but that wouldn't be the first time I did a sitting position picture for this.

From the Top on 365 Project