Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Rose, A Reflection, and An Entrance

I found some roses blooming at the cemetery.  They are gorgeous and smell so sweet.  There were full blooms, buds and budding blooms.  The bush was just full and I was able to get several shots in several different angles.  Here are some of my shots.

Roods Elf on 365 Project

One of the best things about the cemetery is the lake.  There are a lot of water fowl that call that lake home.  There are several swans and ducks along with a ton of geese.  The swans are just beautiful.  I managed to get some shots of them with some really cool lighting and reflections. 

Heijastus joutsen on 365 Project

Livvy is always the first one out the door and the first one back in the door. We have bells on the inside of the door. Izzy is the only one who will ring the bells, but Livvy always cuts in front of Izzy once the door is open.

 Going Inside on 365 Project

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