Friday, April 27, 2012

Solidtude and Good Food

This shot was taken using the Retro Camera app on my phone. It's a bench on one of the pathways in the garden at the park that was closest to the house I grew up in.

 Park Bench on 365 Project

Here are some other versions of this bench also taken with the  Retro Camera app on my phone.  It's my favorite camera app.

In the field that I used to play in as a child is an old cemetery. The last time anyone was buried here was in 1969. The earliest grave is marked about 1888.

These are graves of some of the residents from the residential home that owns the field. I'm assuming these people did not have families to take care of the burials. The bigger monuments, I think, are the founding nuns of the home. It is no longer run by a church, though.

This cemetery used to have a wrought iron fence around it. I don't think anyone took care of the small grave yard the whole time I was growing up. So I was shocked to see it freshly mowed and the fence gone.

We used to scare each other with stories of the people buried there when I was growing up. We would dare each other to spend the night there. Of course none of our parents would allow such silliness.

Old Cemetery on 365 Project

 This week has been my spring break. I have spent a lot of time with myself. This is something that is necessary for me and something of which I get to do very little. So, I treated myself some. Here I am at my favorite restaurant with outdoor seating waiting for some of my favorite food to be served. The weather has thankfully been nice this week.

 On My Own on 365 Project

Here are pictures of my lunch.  I had french dip (YUMMY) and those round things are called Mill Fries.  Mill Fries are new potatoes that have been rolled in herbs and spices and fried.  They are SO GOOD!!!  They are called Mill Fries because the name of the restaurant.  It's Old Mill Stream Inn.  It is in a historical building right next to the building that used to be a grist mill and there is a stream next to it between Old Mill Stream Inn and the old grist mill which is a micro brewery restaurant called Trailhead.

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  1. I really like the bench photo. The photo looks as if it's telling the story of people who used to sit on it.... Nice.


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