Friday, March 22, 2013

     My family is leaving me! 
I am going to be all by myself! 
Ok, so just for an evening and most of Saturday.  My husband and kids are taking a hunter safety class this weekend.  So, I will be home alone.

     I will drop the kids off at my husband's work this evening so they can leave from there.  They will be gone about 4 or 5 hours this evening.  Then, tomorrow they will be gone for about 9 hours.  That's somewhere around 13/14 hours of alone time.

     I am looking forward to this.  I love all three of them endlessly, but I do like my alone time, too.  Being alone allows me to breath and think freely.  I don't have to think about how my words are going to affect anyone else.  I don't have to worry about anyone else's needs.  I can pick my nose if I want.  I can dance around the house naked and sing as loud as I want without scaring anyone, well except maybe the dogs, but they are much more tolerant than humans.  I can watch whatever I want on television and not have anyone interrupt it. I can fart where ever I want and not worry about someone commenting on it.  I get to eat whatever I want for dinner! 

     Of course, I enjoy this because it doesn't happen a lot.  If I had a lot of alone time, it would probably be depressing.  But, for now, I am going to enjoy this, especially since I only had to work three hours today.  .

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