Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some More of My Day Out

This man is standing in the door of one of our most popular and well know shops in our historical district. It's called Grandma's Cookies. They also have ice cream.

I'm actually not sure why he was leaning out the door, but his stance made me think he was trying not to get caught having a treat.

 Bald Man on 365 Project

 A few other views of people on Main Street from my day out.

During my time with my camera this week I went to wander around in a field that I used to play in as a child. The subdivision I grew up in backs up to what used to be corn fields. There is a residential home for mentally and physically handicapped adults on the other side of the field and they used to farm their field to help feed their residents and to sell to help raise money for the home.

It is not farmed anymore. They gave a small patch of this land that is close to the street entering the subdivision to the weather service. There is a dopplar tower on it. That was built when I was in high school.

Another few acres of this land (right next to some of the resident homes) was rented to the police department for them to board their horses.

The rest of it just sits now. The people who have houses backing up to the field have started taking over part of it to park boats, campers and other vehicles on. This truck seems to have been back there for a while. I'm not entirely sure how they got these things back there since most of the houses have fenced back yards, but yet there they are.

It kind of made me sad to see these things sitting and rotting away in this field.

 Abandonded Truck? on 365 Project

Our historic district located on our Main Street is the home to a very popular wooden Gazebo. It's nice to stand up there and watch people walk by. I even got a few candid street shots of people the day I was there.

 On the Gazebo on 365 Project

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