Monday, April 23, 2012

Goslings Have Hatched

My nesting goose now has three goslings. She was not happy about the other geese swimming too close to her family. She warned them several times before flying at them to shoo them away. As you can see here, Daddy goose didn't even want to be in her way as he's leaning away from her flapping wing.

I actually have some better pictures of the actual goslings, but this picture was too much fun not to share. I will post a better one of the goslings later.

The cemetery was NOT a quiet place tonight. Most of the geese have returned and they all seemed cranky tonight. They were squawking and pecking and flapping at each other all over the place. Not sure what was going on but none of them seemed to be getting along very well.

Then, there were the sparrows with their high pitched calls talking back and forth like crazy. And, the mallards were talking up a storm, too. The two drakes that don't seem to have mates are back and one of them like to try and mate with the one hen who already has a mate and that always sets her off. She can get very loud when she's telling him off. Her mate just waddles along behind her with his soft quack almost like he's saying... "yeah, what she said." It was all quite comical and fun to watch tonight.

 Protective Mama on 365 Project

 It's baseball season. My son has had two games so far this season (better than last year at this time as his first four games were rained out last year). His team lost their first game and won their second. Here is my daughter and I sitting on the bleachers waiting for the game to begin.

 Baseball Time on 365 Project

Played around with color curves and light on this rose.

 Dark Rose on 365 Project

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