Monday, April 16, 2012

Cemetery and Locker Room

Sometimes I surprise myself.  I like to use the continuous mode on my camera when photographing moving things.  This means there are times I catch things that I did not realize I caught until I am looking at my photos on the computer.  Today I caught a Mallard Hen trying to catch a bug out of the air.  It was one of MANY photos I took of her and her mate.

Yummy Bug on 365 Project

During my trips to the cemetery I'm always looking for people to photograph. I do not want to intrude on their private moments with their loved ones who have passed on, so when I do photograph I do from a distance.

This is a photo of a woman who was putting out little flags around a grave. She spent a long time at this grave, walking around it and stopping to just reflect (I guess) and visit with her lost loved one. I took it with the lake between us. I had to use my zoom at 720mm to get this close. I then used to create the painting effect.

 Paying Respects on 365 Project

After going to the cemetery I've been heading to the member's locker room at the Y to take a shower because we still have no shower at home.  I will be glad when this process is over, but for now I am getting a lot of alone time in the Y locker room.

 Again at The Y on 365 Project

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