Thursday, February 28, 2013

Words to Live By

     When I was in college, there were many things that they did not teach me about being a teacher of young children.  For instance, I was not taught about some of the things I would have to say to my students in the line of teaching social skills.  Here is a list of 10 of the strange things I find myself saying on a regular basis.

  1. Stop chewing on your collar.
  2. Why is there a crayon in your nose?
  3. Why did you tie your shoes together?
  4. Stop poking people in the ear.
  5. This is a classroom not a mosh pit.
  6. Take your book bag out of your mouth.
  7. Why did you bite the button off your shirt?
  8. Stop turning your eyelids inside out.
  9. Please do not do back bends over your chair.
  10. Stop trading hair with each other.
Must update here with a bonus one that I said for the first time today:

Stop kissing your desk.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grass in Winter

 Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pet Peeve Tuesday - Weather

Today's pet peeve is complaining about weathermen being wrong.  I live smack dab in the middle of the United States.  Our weather in this part of the world is ever changing.  All over the mid-west the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes, it'll change."

Also a given is that our weathermen get their predictions at least partially wrong MOST OF THE TIME. Anyone that has lived in the middle of this continent for even a millisecond, knows this.  

In today's world of uber-technology and fancy gadgets, predicting the weather is still just PREDICTING the weather.  I mean, let's think about this logically.  We get direct impact, indirect encounters and even residual effects from just about every weather system that hits the western hemisphere.  They are all swirling around and fighting for a position in the middle of the country's atmosphere.  I'd think you have a better chance of predicting who will win the lottery at any given time.  

Yet, so many people complain when the weather people get it wrong.  Yes, they make tons of money.  Yes, they are supposedly highly educated.  And, yes at least one of them tries to tell you he said just what was going to happen when in fact he did not.  Hello, they are in the business of trying to predict the unpredictable.  You know this, you live this, yet your voice your frustration in multiple posts online, various personal conversations and unlimited grunts at the television.

They are going to get it wrong.  Move on.

Ok, you may now resume your regularly scheduled activities.  This rant is over.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Basics

     I love to write with a pen and paper.  For some reason I really seem to be able to keep my thoughts flowing when I write long hand.  It also feels like I'm really accomplishing something.  I like the way the letters form on the page and the feel of the words flowing together in ink.

     I think we're losing an art with the loss of teaching cursive handwriting.  It used to be valued so much that you could actually buy a typewriter that had a cursive font.  The first electric typewriter my parents owned was such a machine.

     This typewriter was a two tone blue Smith-Corona machine that came in a hard black case.  It smelled of hot ink and had such a gratifying hum when it was running.  This was before the days of the round ball typewriters.  It was the type of apparatus where the mechanisms could still get stuck together if you got over zealous and hit more than one key at a time.  You could feel the vibrations of the letter arms smacking the paper as you typed out each letter of each word.

     There was no back space key.  There was no cutting and pasting to rearrange what you had written.  You could not go back and insert a more developed thought.  If you made a mistake or needed to edit in any way you had to use correction fluid or tape or start over and retype the whole document.  Your editing had to be done before you began retyping.

     I brought that very heavy, beautiful blue machine with me into my marriage.  At some point it was given away during a house purge along with my husband's manual typewriter.  I kind of miss it.  I'd like to hear the hum, smack, smack, ding, buzz of an old electric typewriter again.

     I'm not sure if you could still buy the ink ribbon for those machines anymore, but it would be fun to work on one again once in a while if for no other reason than to have another option to just get my thoughts down as with writing by hand.

     Somewhere around here I still have some of the poems, papers and stories I typed with that cursive typewriter.  I have to wonder if my improved typing skills that have come with years of working with computers would translate to an electric typewriter.  It would probably get hard to get used to the fact that I cannot just backspace when I make a spelling or other typo error.

     The thing is there is just a strong type of satisfaction that comes from hand writing or old fashioned typing that doesn't come with word processing.  It just seems to take more care, more thought, more concentration.  It seems to create more of an atmosphere for deep thought.

     I may not have a typewriter to use anymore, but I did hand write this post before I typed it.  It gave me time to really think about what I wanted to say and to switch things up and develop thoughts a little more while I was transcribing my written words to word processed words.

     The thing is I had no idea really what I was going to write about when I first sat down with my pen and notebook.  but once I started putting pen to paper it just started flowing out of me.  This doesn't happen as often when I directly type on the computer as it does when I sit down with a writing utensil and paper.

     Maybe it has something to do with the lines on the paper.  Or maybe it is just the feel of the pen gliding across the paper.  In any case I feel more gratified in what I've created today than I have in anything else I've written in a while.

     I just really think it is important that sometimes we go back to the basics in some things.  I feel it helps us to reconnect with our creative side.  It slows us down so we can really put ourselves into what we are creating.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Marriage Games #1

     Today we had my son’s birthday party.  We held it in the fellowship hall of the church that we attend.  It was a small party with only six total kids, including our son and daughter.  The last game of the party was hide- and-seek with the lights off. 

     During the game my husband would say, “I hear footprints.” 

     Wait, What?

     I looked all over the building and could not find one footprint anywhere.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a footprint.  Isn’t that the impression that is left behind after a foot has stepped in something soft enough for the foot to press into?  I was not aware they made noise. 

     As we were driving home something was said about all the footprints in the snow in the park.  I mentioned that they did not make noise.  After all, it’s just an impression in the snow. 

     Well, of course, my husband is a man and this meant it had to be argued. 

     Me: “Listen, do you hear the footprints.”

     Husband: “Yes, they make crunching noises”

     Me: “No, the person who walked there, may have made crunching noises with his/her FOOTSTEPS, but the footprints do not make noise.”

     Husband: “I can hear them.  When someone walks by, I can hear their footprints.”

     Me: “Those are not footprints, those are footsteps.”

     And, so it went for the entire ten minute drive home.  Of course the kids were chiming in and laughing at the whole match.  As usual in these games I threatened to break out my dictionary.  But, as I mentioned, my husband is a man and even this does not deter him from his adamancy to the point of declaring the dictionary would prove me wrong.  Of course he would do this even with proof of his botched resoning in print in front of him.

     This is not a new sport for us.  It’s just the newest form it’s taken.  We have an ongoing feud about itch and scratch.  Then there is the whole cabinet/cupboard debate in which not even Merriam Webster could convince my husband he was wrong.  

     It’s just one of our quirks that helps keep our relationship fun after almost 27 years together.  We’re both nutcases and stubborn mules which makes life pretty interesting most of the time.
     How do you keep your relationship(s) entertaining?

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Basketball Games, Swim Teams and Vet Visits, Oh MY

It was a very busy Saturday for us.  Actually, it was a pretty typical Saturday for us.  I used my actual camera a lot today.  I've been kind of lax in using.  I've been depending on my cellphone camera way too much lately.  But, today I got some good shots.  So, I thought I'd share them.

Our first event of the day was a league game for my son's second basketball team.  Although, this is my son's first year playing for this team, the game was against a team that they had never beaten before.  Today, they beat them.

My son with the ball during the first half of the game

To make it sweeter one of the boys on the team they beat is a boy who abandoned our football team for "greener pastures."  It was an exciting game, too.  Our team ended up winning AT THE BUZZER... literally!

After the morning game, we had to split up.  One of our fur babies had to go see the vet.  She has a swollen, red paw pad and we needed to have it checked out.  So, my husband took her to the vet while my daughter and I headed to the YMCA.  Luckily, there is nothing seriously wrong with Izzy's paw.  Just some cream and antibiotics prescribed and she should be good as new very soon.

Izzy resting on the couch

My daughter's swim team had a pep rally/ swim practice today.  Next weekend is their big area district championships swim meet so they were bonding as a team today.  They had a special relay team practice, made posters to take to districts, and had pizza and worked on their "cheer" they will do on the pool deck at the start of the district competition.

My daughter and one of her swim buddies enjoying pizza

The swimmers all seemed to have a lot of fun.  This time of year is very exciting.  The district competition is when they can qualify to go to the "state" competition two weekends later.  It's also an extremely fun competition that takes place on the campus of Mizzou in Columbia, MO.

When the pep rally was over, my daughter and I had to meet my husband and son at the second basketball game of the day.  This was the last basketball game of the season for my son's first basketball team.  It is the feeder team for the high school that my kids will attend.  

My son in the white jersey

It was another very close and very exciting game.  Unfortunately, our team lost.  My son made a few really great plays, though, that led to scoring points.  They all played hard and received a trophy, but I'm still not sure for what place.  It was never specified.  

At this point we had a little down time.  We came home and hung out for a while.  My daughter decided to make brownies because she's obsessed with that after learning how to make them in her class at school.  

Then, we were off again.  We went to have supper out at a local restaurant before heading to the third and final basketball game of the day.  This one was a tournament game with the second team.  It was to determine who would play for first place and who would play in the 3rd place round.  

My son is #12

It was a disappointing loss.  Our team will have to play in the 3rd place round tomorrow.  The team made some mistakes and they seemed tired.  The refs were not great for this game, either, but I don't think they would have beat this team anyway.  It seemed everyone had fun, though.

Now, we are all home and the day is winding down.  The kids are showered and in bed.  I'm waiting my turn in the shower.   Even the puppies have claimed their spots on the bed.

Izzy in front, Livvy behind looking up

So now, I will say good night John Boy.

Good Night, John Boy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Letter to Sinus Infection

Dear Mr. Sinus Infection,

     I am not sure how to make it clear to you that you are not a welcome visitor.  Throughout my life you have shown up on my doorstep as a best friend would.  We are not best friends.  We are not friends at all.  You seem to become more boisterous and messy every time you come to visit.  The older I get the less patience I have for you.

     You cause me to miss work and fun times.   You keep me from getting things done that need my attention.  On this stay you kept me from enjoying two snow days. 

You make me cranky around my family which means they suffer too.  Guess what, they are not your friends either.  They do not welcome your presence any more than I do.

     Every time you drop in for an unwanted sojourn I have to go see a medical type person and spend money on prescribed medications that I would prefer not to have to take.  You wreak havoc on my sleep cycle and this interferes with my husband's sleep.

     You are rude and unruly.  You have no manners whatsoever.  You use up all our tissues and a great deal of our Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen.

      I am tired of the aches and pains you bring.  I do not like the coughing you cause.  I do not like the way you make me feel at all.  I do not want you around.  Please go away and never come back.  Do not send your cousins the flu, strep throat, and ear infections to my house either.  None of you are welcome here.

     Take your germs with you and leave.  Please be advised that another visit from you will not be welcome.  It is time for you to be gone for good.


An Unhappy and Unwilling Host

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Of Snow and Ice

     One of the perks of being a teacher is snow days.  That is when they happen.  For some reason we do not get snow like we used to get when I was growing up, but it still does happen.  The district I work for managed to make it through the whole year last year without having to call off for a snow day.

     Imagine my joy when my district called off school for today at 6:00 p.m. last night!  OK, that just doesn't happen.  Of course most people were scoffing at all the districts calling off school so early.  I was too happy to have an unexpected day off to be condemn officials for calling off long before the weather was predicted to hit.  Although, I don't blame those that did get irritated because it has become a joke around here about how often the predictions are wrong when it comes to snow.

But today the weather people and the school officials all get a happy face 

AND a gold star.

     They got it right.  We may not have gotten anything until late morning, but the roads around here have gotten horrible.  We are getting ice on top of several inches of snow.  This all happening at the time of day that I would be trying to get home.  

     My kids have enjoyed it the day today.  They all went out and played in it until the ice started.  Apparently falling ice hurts.  

     The fur kids have enjoyed the day, too.  They have romped and played in the snow every time we've let them out.  Of course this means they come in with snow and ice matted in their skirts and beards.  Such is the life of a Scottish Terrier.

     Our YMCA also closed down early today, so my daughter does not have swim practice either.  The pool will remain empty tonight and lonely tonight.

     So, I will just remain in my PJ's as I have most of the day and go fix some spaghetti for dinner and be grateful that I don't have to be out in the 4+ inches of snow and ice that we got.

How was your Thursday?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Daughter, My Teacher

I always wanted to be a mom.  For some reason when I was growing up I just assumed I would have a girl first and then a boy.  Well, that's what I got after much trial and tribulation and a miscarriage.  My daughter was born a month early on May 27, 1999.  This means she is now a teenager and I'm actually loving being a mom of a teenager.

This young woman has taught me so much throughout the years since her birth.  Of course I've learned all about what being a mom to a girl is all about.  I've learned all those things you need to know to keep your child alive and breathing.  But, she's also taught me so much about myself.  She is so much like I was at her age that at times it is scary.

My beautiful daughter has taught me to see the beauty inside myself that I never believed was there before she was born.  She has given me confidence in who I am and my ability to accomplish my goals and dreams.  Although, she is a lot like I was, she is also stronger and smarter and at times she's who I want to be when I grow up.

I will never forget the first lesson she taught me about myself.  She was just a toddler.  Since I have always worked, she went to daycare/pre-school from infancy.  There was a little boy that started at the same daycare in the same week she did.  They were at daycare together until Kindergarten.  She and this little boy were inseparable at daycare.  She talked about him constantly and he drove his parents nuts with her name.

Once afternoon as I was straightening up her room and she was toddling around with me she started talking about her own future.  Yes, that is right, my not quite two year old daughter was already laying out her future before her in plain sight of my eyes.

At that time she was adamant that she was going to marry her beau from pre-school.  They were going to live in a castle.  She was not going to work.  They were going to have five cars.  And, she was going to have 10 children.

When I heard her talk about being a mom at such a young age it took my breath away.  It was at that moment that I realized, not only did she sound like me, but that WAS me at that age.  I literally cannot remember not wanting to be a mom and this just jolted me back to my own early childhood when I had already started dreaming of my own family.  It was also in that moment that I realized because of her, I was living my biggest dream already and hadn't even realized it until that point.

I had my husband (who is still a mystery to me as to how I got so lucky there), my little girl and my Scottish Terrier.  We had our own home and both of us had decent jobs.  Our little girl was growing normally and although she'd had respiratory problems was starting to grow out of them and was still very happy.

My own toddler daughter, taught me that my strongest heart's desire was already being realized.  It was only about a month later on her 2nd birthday that I would find out the dream was to be complete.  That is when the pregnancy test stick again turned pink and my journey to becoming the mom of a boy, too, began.

Our children are not our legacy, they are our teachers.  If we are willing to open our minds as well as our hearts and souls to them, we may just find that hidden treasure we thought we were still looking for is already right in front of us. 

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Pet Peeve Tuesday

I have a very strong dislike of Tuesdays.  There are a few reasons I dislike the second day of the work week, but I am not going to bore you with any of them at this point.  However, I've decided that since I'm surely and petulant about Tuesdays, I'm going to dedicate them to Pet Peeves.  So, here is my first Pet Peeve Tuesday.

My most recent pet peeve is the word "transparent."  It seems to be the new catch phrase, buzz word, etc. for just about everything.  It's supposed to mean that truth is being spoken.  Really?  Have you actually looked through materials that are transparent?  They bend, they get smudged, they and a lot of the time what you see through such material is distorted.

I just have to grit my teeth every time I hear someone say they are going to be transparent.  First of all, if you have to say it, chances are you are not being transparent.  Second of all, even a thin "see through" screen can distort what's really there.

When someone says, "In order to be completely transparent."

I call bull.

Honestly, just say you're TRYING to be honest.  Using the word transparent is like someone trying too hard, it's not believable.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Daft Headlines

 Journalists try to keep headlines short and to the point to catch a reader's eye.  Sometimes they can catch your attention in a completely unintended way, or at least I hope it's unintended.  Here are some headlines that have been found in newspapers around the world. 

Autos killing 110 a day - let's resolve to do better.
Because we are not achieving high score in the auto kamikaze tournament

Ban On Soliciting Dead in Trotwood.
Uh, is this Zombie Salespeople or is someone trying to sell corpses?

Bank Drive-in Window Blocked by Board.
The Parent Advisory Board I am on frequently does this at our local fast food restaurant just to see how much chaos we can stir up because we have nothing better to do... .oh wait they probably mean a piece of wood???

Blind woman gets new kidney from daughter she hasn't seen in years.
I guess that means she didn't just lose her sight yesterday.

British Union Finds Dwarfs in Short Supply.
That's so wrong on so many levels. 

Chef Throws His Heart into Helping Feed Needy.
Ok, Gross!

Childs stool great for use in garden.
Gross, again!

Cold wave linked to temperatures.
That dang cold wave just can't seem to leave the temperatures alone!

Death causes loneliness, feeling of isolation.
It's that whole being stuffed into a coffin by yourself thing.  
Dr. Ruth to talk about sex with newspaper editors.
Is sex with newspaper editors different than it is with other people?
Drunk gets nine months in violin case.
Wow, that's a pretty stiff sentence... or at least the drunk will feel very stiff after being cooped up in that small of a space for nine months, talk about reliving your time in the womb.

Enfields Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide.
Obvious much?

Enraged cow injures farmer with ax.
Talk about Mad Cow Desease!

Eye drops off shelf.
Maybe you should find a safer place for your eyeball.

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors.

Tall doctors or septiped freaks of nature?

Iraqi head seeks arms.
Dr. Frankenstein may be able to help with that.

Is there a ring of debris around Uranus?
If there is maybe you should change your brand of toilet paper.

Juvenile court to try shooting defendant.
Thinking this may fall under the category of cruel and unusual, or illegal sentences.

Lansing Residents Can Drop Off Trees.
Is this a special kind of talent?

Lawmen from Mexico barbecue guests.
I'd hate to see what they do to criminals.

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half.
Ok, so you decide not to become a viable member of society so we cut you in two.  Yeah, that sounds fair.

Lung cancer in women mushrooms.

When did mushrooms grow lungs let alone grow gender identifying appendages?

Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge.
Or does he actually charge the battery?

Man is fatally slain.
Is there another kind of slaying?

Milk drinkers are turning to powder.
This confuses me... add liquid and turn to dust.... yeah, that makes sense.

Miners refuse to work after death.
Sounds like an issue the union needs to address.
NJ judge to rule on nude beach.
I guess the courtroom is too stuffy for him/her.

Never withhold herpes infection from loved one.
Because nothing says "I love you" like VD.

New Vaccine May Contain Rabies.
What the hell is it vaccinating against that rabies is preferable?

Nicaragua sets goal to wipe out literacy.
It's such a nuisence when the public can read.

Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni.
Interesting architechtual choice.

Organ festival ends in smashing climax.
There just aren't words for this one.

Panda mating fails; Veterinarian takes over.

Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers.
We'll let the speeders run you over if you don't cross at the crosswalk.

Queen Mary having bottom scraped.
Wow, talk about TMI!

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge.
And, this is why I am afraid of bridges.

Sex Education Delayed, Teachers Request Training.
Just who would do this training?  I can think of several good candidates for that job!

Smokers are productive, but death cuts efficiency.
Yeah, that dying thing really slows a worker down.

Some Pieces of Rock Hudson Sold at Auction.
Ewe, ewe, ewe!  Now I need a shower!

Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say.
Does that mean the jet is still in the air?
Well that was fun.  We might have to do this again sometime. 
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mama's Heartbreak: A Love Story

My son turned 11 years old at the end of January.   He’s the biggest social butterfly of the family.  He’s already into the whole girl thing.  He’s been a little Casanova since pre-school when he was the only boy invited to a little girl’s birthday party.  At the party, all the mommas kept coming up to me and telling me how much their little beauties loved my son.  Back off girlies, he’s four and still  MINE!

When he was in third grade he decided he needed to wear cologne to school to impress a little girl.  That lasted about a week and a half.  The next year he spent about two weeks with his ear glued to the telephone with yet another little vixen trying to take my little boy away from me.

Well, now it seems I may have already lost my baby boy.  Not only does he talk about this newest Scarlet all the time, she’s sending him text messages with hearts all over the place.  They have hour long conversations on the phone.  And, to top it off, my darling little boy asked if he could buy HER a necklace for Valentine’s Day. 

Ambulances were called, a defibrillator was employed, psychiatrists prescribed medications and I am now undergoing intense psychotherapy.  I am told this therapy could last several years and may have to involve experimental techniques not yet FDA approved.

So that is where I put my foot down.  Maybe some people will scoff at me, but 11 is way too young to be buying jewelry for some little trollop that is probably just going to break his heart. We compromised on letting him get her a small heart shaped box of chocolates and a cheap ass rose, which I’m rethinking, but it’s too late for that.  I think my aforementioned medication clouded my judgment on that.

I spent Valentine’s Day watching the clock at work.  Both wishing I could be there to watch my son give Valentine gifts to a girl for the first time and glad I wasn't there to see it.  The hours dragged by as I tried not to imagine how it all went for him.  My impatience to hear him tell me about is day was almost unbearable. 

The clock did finally register home time and when I got home the first thing I asked my boy was what happened with his girl.  He says at first she blushed.  Then she thanked him.  Then he told me she said she wanted to kiss him.

My heart is now in a million pieces and there is a nice white jacket waiting for me as well as some men to take me to a nice soft room.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pack Reading

For those of us who live in the world of swim meets, we know it's essential to have ways to pass down time while we're waiting for our kids' different events.  There are many different ways we can do this.  Talk, stare off into space, watch our kids play with their electronic gizmos, use our own electronic gizmos to play games, eat (which is always dangerous), twiddle our thumbs, count the lines in cinder block walls of gymnasiums, or read.

Now there are many different ways to read.  We can read a book, a magazine, a newspaper or pamphlets.  We can read sitting down, standing up, laying down or standing on our head for those of us that are kind of talented.  Some of us read solo, but most of us are experts at pack reading....

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ok, so today when I was getting ready to have individual conversations with each of my students about their STAR Math test results from last week on of my darlings raised his hand.

Darling: "She got my stuff." as he's pointing to the little girl sitting across from him

Me: "Who's She?"

Darling: "Missy May"

Me: "What 'STUFF?'

Darling: refuses to answer

Me: What do yo expect me to do about it if you won't tell me what it is?

Darling: Mumbles something that sounds like "I don't know."

Me: "You don't know what it is?  She has your stuff, but you don't know what your stuff is?"

Darling: "I didn't say I don't know."

Me: taking a deep breath... "Ok, again, What stuff?"

Darling: "Tommy Joe Jason gave me...."

Me: interrupting him... "I didn't ask you who gave it to you, I asked you what stuff?"

Darling: "My gum"

Really?  This child has been in trouble for having gum numerous times over the last few weeks.  I've even called mom about it. 

The gum was confiscated and thrown away.  Come to find out he was pushing the gum onto Missy May's desk so she took it and put it in her pocket. 

Ten minutes later I was introducing the trash can to three more violators of our school wide no gum policy.

For some reason this happens EVERY year about this time.  We can go all first semester and only have one or two gum incidents.  Then we come back from winter break and all of the sudden it's Gumtopia. 


Monday, February 11, 2013

Vanna White and Molly Brown

My daughter had a swim meet in Hannibal, Missouri this weekend so we spent the whole weekend there.  For, those who do not know, Hannibal is known as "America's Hometown" because it is Mark Twain's hometown. 

It's also where The Unsinkable Molly Brown grew up.  She was headed back to Hannibal when the Titanic went down.  Her house still stands on a very steep hill in Hannibal.  My daughter is a Titanic freak.  Of course she wanted to visit Molly Brown's house, but most of the tourist attractions are closed this time of year.  Usually the touristy trappings open in April. 

So, we had to settle for going up to the closed up house and taking a picture of it.  Of course my ever so dignified 13 year old had to "Vanna White" it for the picture.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mom, mom, ma, mommy.......

I recently "shared" this bit o funny on my Facebook page...

Yes, this is a reality in my life.  The one who does this the most is my Livvy Girl.  She has the strongest nudging nose I've ever experienced on a dog.  She will flip my hand hard enough that the mouse to my laptop goes flying.  She actually managed to unplug the mouse from the computer once.  
Izzy on the other hand will just come lay on my lap as close as she can get to my computer or tablet and keep pushing back on whichever device I am using until it's too close to my body to use comfortably.  

Of course, it is not just my wonderful four legged children that do this.  My biped children will too.  It's like being on the phone or trying to watch a television show.  At least one of them is going to be forcing the attention issue.  Be assured my husband is included in this group as well.  

I'm so very blessed.