Thursday, February 21, 2013

Of Snow and Ice

     One of the perks of being a teacher is snow days.  That is when they happen.  For some reason we do not get snow like we used to get when I was growing up, but it still does happen.  The district I work for managed to make it through the whole year last year without having to call off for a snow day.

     Imagine my joy when my district called off school for today at 6:00 p.m. last night!  OK, that just doesn't happen.  Of course most people were scoffing at all the districts calling off school so early.  I was too happy to have an unexpected day off to be condemn officials for calling off long before the weather was predicted to hit.  Although, I don't blame those that did get irritated because it has become a joke around here about how often the predictions are wrong when it comes to snow.

But today the weather people and the school officials all get a happy face 

AND a gold star.

     They got it right.  We may not have gotten anything until late morning, but the roads around here have gotten horrible.  We are getting ice on top of several inches of snow.  This all happening at the time of day that I would be trying to get home.  

     My kids have enjoyed it the day today.  They all went out and played in it until the ice started.  Apparently falling ice hurts.  

     The fur kids have enjoyed the day, too.  They have romped and played in the snow every time we've let them out.  Of course this means they come in with snow and ice matted in their skirts and beards.  Such is the life of a Scottish Terrier.

     Our YMCA also closed down early today, so my daughter does not have swim practice either.  The pool will remain empty tonight and lonely tonight.

     So, I will just remain in my PJ's as I have most of the day and go fix some spaghetti for dinner and be grateful that I don't have to be out in the 4+ inches of snow and ice that we got.

How was your Thursday?

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  1. I was actually annoyed that our district waited so long (9pm) to call off school for today... even with the wrong calls last year, I was a much happier mom knowing that C would be home safe and sound today!


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