Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pets and Sunrise

Ok, so not all of my FWIS are going to be standing. This one is me sitting on my bed, my puppy girls have curled up together on the blanket at my feet and fell asleep as I'm working on my computer. They are so cute when they fall asleep together like this.

 On The Bed on 365 Project

 February Bucket List ~ Pet
Here are both our girls begging for food. Very un-Scotts like behavior. ;-P

 PLEASE!!! on 365 Project

The day started out perfectly.  The sunrise was breathtaking.  It put me in a positive mood all day.  I am so happy that I got to witness it.  There are some things in life you should not miss.  Watching the sun rise as often as possible is one of them.  It really puts things into perspective.
Another Amazing Sunrise on 365 Project

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