Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Like Caves

February Leap Year Bucket List ~ Something I Like
I have always enjoyed going into caves. I am not an explorer, so yes I only do the tourist tours of caves, but I just find them facinating. I inherited that from my mom. We did a lot of caves when I was growing up and now I'm passing it on to my kids. Thankfully, my husband enjoys them, too. This is a passage way in Mark Twain Cave (the one he wrote about in his books) outside Hannibal, MO. Missouri is not only known as "The Show Me State" it is also the Cave State. I feel very blessed to live where I do.
 I Like Caves on 365 Project

More views from the cave:

And, finally, my FWIS picture for today, it is in our hotel room in Hannibal.
Hotel Room on 365 Project

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