Friday, February 3, 2012

Hannibal, MO

 Michael, the kids and I played hooky from work and school today.  Michaela has a swim meet in Hannibal this weekend.  We went up a day early to wander around and just hang out as a family.  We managed to get up all 200+ steps to the light house and we went through Mark Twain Cave.  We also went up to Lover's Leap and took some amazing pictures from up there.

This first picture is from the February Leap Year Bucket List~ White.  It is the old light house on the river bluff of Hannibal, MO. There are over 200 steps that lead up to it and I am proud to say I stepped on each and every one of them. This picture is taken from the landing of the last set of steps. It was cool and very cloudy today, hence the clouds.
 White on 365 Project

The second shot is part of another challenge I am trying called "From Where I Stand" or FWIS.  It is a series of pictures of my own feet in places I happen to be each day, something to show part of my life.  The inspiration for this came from a post on the discussion boards at  365project. 

Cave on 365 Project

This is the walkway up to the remnants of the ramp that led onto the old bridge that was dedicated to Mark Twain. His boyhood home is just a couple blocks to the left of this picture. This bridge is the halfway point of the climb to the light house. It was torn down in 2001 after a new bridge was constructed about a mile to the south. Hannibal is Mark Twain's hometown and it's known as "America's Hometown."
 America's Hometown on 365 Project

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