Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parts of My Heart

February Bucket List ~ Someone I Miss
This is my Abby girl. She was the first Scottie that my husband and I had together. We got her two years before our daughter was born. She lived a very good long 13 years. She had cancer that spread to her lungs. We all still miss her very much. She was an amazing dog. This picture was taken a little over a year before she passed.  This picture is the wallpaper on my laptop.
RIP Lady Abigale 5/25/97 ~ 7/29/10

 Lady Abigale ~ Abby on 365 Project

As a mom, of course my children are the very air I breathe.  My daughter is an amazing young lady.  Here she is in bubbles.  I did this with one of my cellphone apps.

 Bubbles on 365 Project

And, my son in a bubble, too...

And of course my current four legged hearts are a constant joy.   I was just trying to get comfy because I still do not feel good and it was a long day at work. Had my cushy slippers and pj's on and was trying to get at this cozy blanket when the puppies decided to start wrestling at my feet.

 Puppy Wrestling on 365 Project

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