Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life's Little Enjoyments

I like to play around with objects when I've got my camera in hand and I like using editing software and see what I can create with my photos. This one was taken using my light box and a heart shaped mirror. Then, I used my Phototscape software to crop and make even more reflections.
February Bucket List ~ Something I like to do

 Something I Like To Do on 365 Project

I have several photo apps on my cellphone and it's made using the camera on my cellphone so much more fun.  This is a picture I took of my daughter while we were waiting for a basketball game to start.  I used a fish eye camera to take this picture.

These two think that it is always feeding time. This is not my best work, and I hope ya'll will excuse me for the substandard pictures I post tonight, but I have been sick and this is all I could manage for today.

 Hungry Puppies on 365 Project

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