Sunday, February 5, 2012

More from Hannibal

From Where I Stand pic for today is sitting in the bleachers at the pool of the YMCA in Hannibal, MO.

 Pool Bleachers on 365 Project

My bucket list picture for today is one to fulfill the "light" requirement.  These are the skylights that were above the pool in the hotel we stayed in this weekend in Hannibal, MO. My daughter had a swim meet there this weekend, but we went up on Friday to just hand out as a family. We saw the light house there and went in Mark Twain cave. We wandered around Hannibal some and ate some supper at the local diner across the street from our hotel. After some time in the pool and hot tub, we relaxed in our room until we fell asleep. Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Hannibal Y for the swim meet.

 Light on 365 Project

Here is a view of the pool in our hotel after some process editing:  This is the pool at the hotel we stayed at this weekend. The rooms of the hotel surrounded the pool area and the common lounge area. It was pretty and decorated nice, but it also meant that all the noise in the common areas soaked through the walls and doors of the rooms. Since this hotel was FULL of swimmers (not just our team) there was probably more noise than usual. But, I think we all had fun.

 Hotel Pool on 365 Project

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