Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today it's All About the Dogs!

February Bucket List ~ New
Tonight was Izzy and Livvy's first time with their Kong treat toys. Everything was fine until Livvy stole Izzy's Kong and was hoarding them both in her crate. We now have a convicted thief in our house.

 Kong Initiation on 365 Project

 My younger brother had a book when we were growing up called "The Grouch Book." It was about Oscar the Grouch and all the grouchy things he liked. One of those things was hangers.... maybe they are grouchy, either way they are definitely a necessary evil... a PITA!
Of course Izzy isn't into making anything easier, not even the task of trying to sort out hangers.

 PITA on 365 Project

 This is my Livvy doing her "pretty girl" sit for a treat.  I love both of my puppies beyond reason, but Livvy is Mama's girl.  She will even sit up like this to get my attention and when she wants to be picked up.  She only does that for me.

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