Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parts of Me

February Bucket List ~ Jewelry
Part of a bracelet that was given to me a few years back. I got it out to photograph because I am having an extremely rough school year and in the past week or so am going through some what of an identity crisis as far as my profession goes. This bracelet also contains the words "inspire" and "wisdom" which are words I'm having a hard time seeing in myself right now.

 Teacher on 365 Project

I spent the morning driving around town taking pictures of churches, steeples and chapels.  This is an edited picture of the chapel at one of our local parochial schools.  It's a very old building as are most of the buildings at this school.  I personally have never been inside this chapel, but I find the outside just gorgeous.

Going Up

 Going Up on 365 Project

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