Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Fire Bag

My February bucket list picture was for the word "sweet" today.  I got a great picture of Izzy begging for a treat.  This is my picture for sweet because that face and those paws are just so sweet to me. I love when she stands up like this and asks for her treat. This is my Izzy. She cannot stand up as long as Livvy does, but Livvy does not put her paws in the air like Izzy does.

 Sweet on 365 Project

Some more time spent with candles and my light box gave me this shot of a candle right after it's been blown out.

 After the Fire on 365 Project

Most mom's carry purses... Most of the time I carry my camera bag. My wallet and cellphone fit in it with my camera. It also has ibuprofen and breath mints in it. When I don't want my camera with me, those things go back in my purse... but I always have my cellphone, which has a really good camera on it, too.

 What's Your Bag? on 365 Project

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