Monday, February 6, 2012


February Bucket List ~ Some One I Admire
I am in awe of my daughter. She will be 13 at the end of May this year. At this young age she is already very dedicated and focused on so many positive things. She is my gifted student who works very hard at maintaining her straight A GPA. She is in her 7th year of girl scouts and working towards her silver award. And, of course she is very dedicated to her swimming. How she has managed to be so together at such a young age is amazing to me. I am so proud of her and hope to be more like her some day. 

 Someone I Admire on 365 Project

While we were in Hannibal, I got so many amazing shots.  This is a close up of mushrooms growing on a tree trunks.  Some people call these shelves and others call them turkey tails.  Either way I find them facinating.  They have so many cool layers and textures to them.

Tree Shelf on 365 Project

 After a weekend away, there is so much laundry to catch up, it will probably take me all week!

 Laundry on 365 Project

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