Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunset and Low River

Day 12 of the 30 day challenge is sunset. We've not had a lot of "atmosphere" lately so our sunsets have been pretty blah. So, here's what I could get. I still like it SO MUCH better than last year's sunset:

Sunset on 365 Project

 This is to illustrate how low the Missouri River is in our area right now. You usually cannot see those dykes. If you look up river you'll see the barren bank where the river water is usually rushing past. Where I'm standing to take the picture I would be up to my knees in river water normally.

 Low River on 365 Project

 Today I went walking. Down close to the river on the north end of our town are basically four different parks that are linked by yet another park. The dog park is the furthest north, moving south is a park with ball fields, picnic shelter and playground, the next park is basically just a green space and then there is Blanchette Landing which is a beautified boat launching area. All of these parks are linked by our EcoPark which runs between the four parks and the Missouri River, with part of the Katy Trail State Park going through there, too.

 Boat Ramp on 365 Project

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