Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day at Historic Sites

Day 21 of the 30 day challenge is a faceless self portrait. Today the kids and I spent the day out exploring some of our state's historic sites. We stopped for lunch at this little restaurant in Kimmswick, MO called The Dough Depot. We all enjoyed the food there very much. 

Faceless Self Portrait on 365 Project

I used the reverse camera on my phone to take this faceless self portrait while drinking my tea.

Last year's faceless self portrait:

On June 21st the kids and I had a day out. We went to three state historic sites that are about an hour away from home. First we went to Gov. Daniel Dunklin's grave site. He is known as the father of education in Missouri. He was Missouri's 5th governor and is credited for starting the public school system here. 

Then, we went to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site. This is one of only a small handful of existing covered bridges in Missouri. The picture here is of my kids standing outside the bridge. 

Next, we went to Kimmswick, MO. We visited another historic bridge (not covered) and had lunch in Kimmswick. We ate a place called the Dough Depot and it was delicious!

We then went to Mastodon State Historic Site/Park. There is a museum there about the giant animals that lived around here during the end of the ice age. The Kimmswick Bone Bed is part of this park and it is in this bone bed that evidence was found to "prove" that humans and Mastodons co-existed for about 2000 years at the end of the ice age. 

We walked the trail to the bone bed (not much to see there anymore as it's not a working site anymore) and we also walked one of the other trails that led to a creek we could wade in and cool off our feet.

It was a wonderful day. I love days like this.

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Stie on 365 Project

Me standing on the historic bridge in Kimmswick, MO.

Standing on a Historic Bridge on 365 Project

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