Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink, Rugs and Swimming

Day 25 of the 30 day challenge is "something pink."  Ever since my husband and I moved into our house 17  years ago we've tried several times to get strawberries to grow strawberries.  Most of our tries have failed because there is a huge population of squirrels and rabbits that seem to want to eat the flowers and/or berries before they turn red.  Last summer I planted some strawberry plants in a huge pot on our patio.  I think I got one strawberry last summer.  This summer they are very bushy plants and have been producing more berries.  Here is a young berry that has not turned red yet, but is still pink.

This is a party decoration that has been hanging in my daughter's room since her first birthday party.  It is a big tropical bird and most of it is pink.

My daughter loves peace signs.  She received this pillow and rug from my mom for Christmas.  What could be more teen girlish than pink peace signs?

Michaela had her second swim meet of the summer tonight.  She personally didn't do as well as last week, but she still held her own.  Her relay team got first place in their medley relay.  And, she did place in the top four on all her other events.  I'm so proud of how she just keeps working at it even when things don't go exactly how she wants.

This is my new rug in my new bathroom.

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