Friday, June 1, 2012

A New Beginning

So, I am starting my second year at 365project. Last year when I began on this, I had already started a 30 photo challenge. I decided to do that same challenge again this June. The list of photos for this challenge can be found here:

Please note, that last year my first week of photos were out of order, but this year they will be in order of the numbers of the challenge.

So, here is my first one for my second round of doing this challenge... self portrait. It was taken at The City Museum in St. Louis, MO. This is in the Architectural Hall on the third floor. This bar is a little eerie to me as it reminds me of the bar that Jack Nicholson bellied up to in "The Shining."
Self on 365 Project
Last year's self portrait:

 Belle of the Garden
Belle of the Garden on 365 Project

The drawers in our front bathroom were such a mess. I took a couple hours today and went through them. I threw away a whole boat load of stuff and managed to get them and the cabinet under the sink organized with everything in it's own place. It's so nice to open a drawer and be able to grab exactly what I want without digging through things.
 Organized on 365 Project

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