Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revisiting Thursday

Day 24 of the 30 day challenge is animal.  I have had a really difficult time deciding which photo I wanted to post for this.  I have a few that I just really like, so I figured why not go ahead and post all three.  So, here they are.

The first one is a male Cardinal.  We saw this gentleman when we were walking through the woods to get to the bone yard at Mastodon State Historic Site.  My son saw him first and we were both able to get pictures of him by being very quiet and using our zoom lenses.

The next one is a really cool dragonfly.  We saw this little guy in the same woods as the Cardinal.  There were several of these dragonflies flying around the foliage next to the bone yard.

When we were in Kimmswick around lunch time, we stopped at the historic bridge there.  Looking over the east side of the bridge we saw tons of turtles.  Here's one that was swimming in the creek.

And then there were these two turtles sunning themselves on a log not far from where the first one was swimming.

I also wanted to share this picture that I took inside the museum at Mastodon State Historic site.  It is of a replica of a giant sloth that lived the same time the Mastodons lived.  When standing on its hind legs like this it was about 10 feet tall.  That's one big sloth!

Here is last year's animal post:

They have many of the Mastodon bones on display in the museum.  Here is a Mastodon molar.  That is my daughter touching it.  It's ok, the sign told us to touch it.  

From where I stand shows me going down the wooden steps in Mastodon that take you to the bone yard.  There are A LOT of these steps.

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