Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun Times

Day 14 of the 30 day challenge is eyes. I met this little guy on the trail while I was walking in one of our county parks. I was really surprised at how close he let me get.

Eyes on 365 Project

Last year's eyes picture:

 I love this lady. She is in her 80's and will dance all night. She knows all the words to all the dance club songs and even does the "sexy" moves. She's the one that asked that the chair be brought out onto the dance floor during my nephew's graduation party so she could chair dance. She's so much fun.

 Party Animal on 365 Project

 The pathway through our Eco Park leads under the Wabash Train Bridge. This is the shadow of the bridge falling across my feet.

 Shadow of Train Bridge on 365 Project


  1. How did you get THAT CLOSE to the turtle? I'm impressed!

  2. Angee, I was about 4 feet away, but my camera has a zoom that will go up to 720 mm. So, that helped. However, I did get close enough to get a pic of my feet and the turtle in the same frame, except he turned away and started to walk away from me at that point.


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