Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Reason for it All

This weekend was the district swim meet for our area swim teams. This is held at the Mizzou Aquatic Center the first weekend in March every year. It is at this meet that swimmers have to make state time in order to go to the Championship Meet in a couple weeks. You also have to be one of the top 16 swimmers in your event to swim on the second day of the meet.

This was my daughter's second year there and she did amazing. However, she did not make state time nor did she make it to the finals on Sunday. We had some tears this year because she really wanted to make state time in her 50 free, but was still off a bit.

Later I showed her this picture of herself so she could see what I see when she's swimming. I needed her to see how beautiful her smile is when she's getting ready to swim so she can see that everyone can tell how much this means to her. I wanted her to remember the reason for all of what she does and what we do to make this possible for her is because she loves the sport.
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 After our swimmers had their warm up time the coaches gathered them around to get them hyped up for the meet. This included "contaminating" the pool.

You see this pool that they swim districts in is a salt water pool and our home pool is a chlorine pool. So, one of our coaches brought a milk jug full of our chlorine pool water for the swimmers to dump into the salt water pool so our swimmers would feel more at "home."

Please realize that no swimming pool was harmed in anyway during this "ceremony." ;-)

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 In the garage next to our van, loading it up for our trip to Columbia, MO. This weekend is all about my daughter's district swim meet.

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