Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red Retro Spongey

The Redbud trees are blooming like crazy around here.  I think this is the fullest I've seen them in a few years.  They are so pretty.  I love how dainty their blossoms are.  I got a few really good pictures of them.
Red Bud on 365 Project

It has been really sunny a lot which helps with the warm temperatures.  Lots of people are spending lots of time outdoor.  This includes going to parks and hanging out at playgrounds.  One of the newest playgrounds we have close by has this spongy stuff for the ground cover.  It's fun to walk on.

Spongy Ground on 365 Project

Our poor backyard is suffering right now because there is a lot of debris out there from our bathroom renovation.  This includes all the layers of flooring that were in our bathroom from the time the house was built in the mid 1970's.  The laminate that was put down originally in our master bath has to be the ugliest flooring I've ever seen.  However, I managed to turn a picture of the scraps of old flooring into some "art" as an album cover for the album cover challenge on 365project.

Ha... who knew on 365 Project

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