Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Different Views

I love taking pictures of things at unique angles or points of view.  I also like cropping photos in interesting ways.  Not only is taking a picture part of my craft, but so is editing pictures.  I don't edit all my pictures (except to put my initials on them) but some I do edit.  Some only get a little tweaking, some get cropped and others I play with a lot.  I had fun photographing some dandilions out in the field that leads to a hills we used to sled on (can't anymore, it's being turned into more park space) and this is what I came up with.

The end of the day is always a relief.  Whether we have had a good day or not so good, it's always nice to know we can go home and rest before starting over the next day.  My FWIS photo today was taken in my classroom standing at the coat hooks where my students hang their coats.

Another Album Cover for the challenge....  not my favorite at all....

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