Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working on My Skills

Pointing my camera and capturing an image is only part of my passion for photography.  I love to find interesting things to photograph and play with the lines and textures of objects.  I also love to post process photos.  And, I really enjoy reading to learn more about photography.  I have many apps on my cellphone, two programs on my laptop and six online photo editing websites bookmarked.  Once in a while I use the editing capabilities of developing websites, too.  Then, there are my books, of which I have quite a few, that I read and work my way through.

So, today's photos have to do with me developing my skills, not only with the camera but with editing software, too.

I was taking some time this afternoon before I left work to take some photos that I thought I might be able to use for the album cover challenge. It was the first time I REALLY looked at the neighborhood outside my classroom window. The lines and colors of the deteriorating buildings are really quite interesting.

 Urban Deterioration on 365 Project

Now In Stores

 Now In Stores on 365 Project

 Ok, so it's really just my attempt at the album cover challenge... or one of them. I'm looking at doing another because yeah, it is addicting. This actually is not what I started out doing, but it turned out better than my vision. 

 Finally, a picture about the most recent photography book I am reading...

This is the current book on photography that I am reading. I am really enjoying working my way through it. It requires journaling and completing exercises, but it's really helping me think about my own identity as a photographer.

I guess I should probably call this "One of the things I'm reading," because at any given time I've got a novel, a book on my Kindle, an audiobook, a teaching book and a photography book going... along with my dog and travel magazines.

 What I'm Reading on 365 Project

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