Sunday, March 25, 2012

Puppy Play and Me

Our puppies got properly worn out today. They played outside in the back yard for a long time and then they got to go to the dog park and romp for over an hour. They have been very tired tonight. I cannot believe that they will be a year old in less than two months.

Ahhhh Sunday on 365 Project

Izzy found a friend to play rough with, as she always does.  She always finds one or two other dogs that she just has a ball with.  Then, she spent some time conversing with another Scottie.  There were a lot of Scotties there today.  Livvy (and Izzy) both got hot while at the park today.  It's still unseasonably warm here.  Livvy managed to get some Angela love, too.  Angela is our friend who helps run the local Scottish Terrier rescue.

In a group of friends we were challenged to look at ourselves with a positive attitude and create something to show our acceptance of ourselves and what we have accomplished and what we can accomplish. This is mine.

 Me on 365 Project

 I have a bad habit of going outside in my sock feet. But, I get so excited about the violets that spring up in our back yard every spring, I couldn't help but run outside without my shoes. I LOVE violets.

 Violets on 365 Project

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