Thursday, March 1, 2012

Churches, Water Towers and Light Boxes

This is of the front of one of our Catholic churches in town that also has a school attached to it. This is one of the older churches as you can probably tell by the architecture. There are some pretty windows in this structure, too. It's very difficult to get decent pictures of the whole of this church as there are power lines EVERYWHERE because this church and school take up two blocks in an older part of town. And, I find power lines very distracting in pictures of older buildings... actually I find power lines distracting most of the time.

 Catholic Clock Tower on 365 Project

My Clock Tower
 Ok, so it's not really MINE, but this is my town's water tower and I pass it twice a day going to and from work. When I see it I am almost home. Like lighthouses and windmills and barns and churches, I find water towers fascinating. I am hoping sometime this summer to do an exploratory road trip to find some historical water towers that are only a couple hours from where I live.

 My Water Tower on 365 Project

 This is me getting ready to use my light box.

 Preparing on 365 Project

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