Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bright World

My pictures today were all taken in lots of sunlight.  There are actually only two photos today.  My main photo I am posting in it's original form and after the color of it has been played with for a challenge.

The green right now seems so brilliant. I'm not sure why. Maybe the mild winter had something to do with it, but the little bit that is sprouting is very vivid.

 Blaguro Dail Gwyrdd on 365 Project

 This is for the Braking The Rules Challenge.

 Violetti Poistuu Oranssi Sky  on 365 Project

 There are those things in life that we don't think a whole lot about, but are very important to how we view our lives. Taking my kids to the park so they can play on the playground is one of those things. If I stop to think about it and try to envision myself in a life where I did not have the physical capabilities to take my kids to the park or if we lived a life where it just was not part of our reality, I realize how much this small thing means to me.

It is so important for me and for my kids to have these memories of spending time just hanging out at a playground in a park. It is something I am trying to remember to be grateful for and not take for granted. All too soon my children will be grown and living their own lives. I want to make sure we all have plenty of great memories to take with us no matter where each of us goes.

 Modern Playground on 365 Project

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