Friday, March 2, 2012


This morning it was storming when I got up. As I was making my kids' breakfast it started hailing. We had about 15 minutes of hail. When it came down it was large marble to quarter sized hail with some even bigger pieces mixed in it all. We ended up with almost two inches of hail in our yard. About an hour after it ended I went outside to take pictures and there was still a lot out there, just very melted. This is one of the pictures I took in my yard. No we do not have hay for grass it's zoysia grass.

 Hail on 365 Project

 Ok, so I wasn't planning on doing this week's tag challenge because I got fire and ice and could not think of anything inspired to do for it. Well, it hailed here this morning. Actually, the hail was pretty good sized. I took this picture about an hour after the hail ended. So, there's the ice, with one of our lava rocks for the fire. Obviously, it's long dead fire, but still...

 Fire and Ice on 365 Project

 Living with an almost teen (she'll be 13 at the end of May) and it's started already. Door closed and no one allowed in without knocking first. This is my daughter's bedroom door shut. I decided to add drama with the filter since teenage girls are full of drama. :-P

 No Admittance on 365 Project

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