Monday, July 9, 2012

Some of St. Charles, MO's History

Our town has a very rich history.  St. Charles was the first state capital of Missouri and it was a shoving off point for Lewis & Clark as they set off out of civilization over 200 years ago.  One of our historic buildings that used to be a barrel factory now houses a tobacco shop and has an apartment in the upper level.

Several years ago, when our town celebrated the 200th anniversary of Lewis & Clark leaving St. Charles for uncharted waters (and land) they built a very large statue in honor of this historic voyage.  It included Lewis, Clark and their dog.  It sits in our Frontier Park that is on the banks of the Missouri River.

I always enjoy taking pictures of/at/ and around the Lewis & Clark statue.  The size of it is a little massive in my opinion, but seeing it from the street always makes me smile.

Since the word for the photo a day on Instagram was big, today.  I submitted a cellphone picture of the statue.

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