Friday, July 13, 2012

More from Yesterday

After we went to the sculpture park yesterday, we went to Powder Valley Nature Reserve.  It's run by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  They have a very small museum and several trails that range in size from 1/3 of a mile to almost 3 miles.  We spent a little bit of time in the museum and then we walked along the shortest path because it was really getting hot again.

Since I forgot to take any "From Where I Stand" photos today, here's one of me standing in one of our parks where someone has thrown their beer can on the ground, just 10 feet from a trash can.  This really irritates me.  I picked it up and threw it away.  Why can't people be responsible enough to do this for themselves?

Today's theme for the Photo a Day in July was open.  I took a picture of the open table umbrellas at the pool where Michaela has swim practice.

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