Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neighbors and Still No Rain

Today was mostly a day at home.  We did go to church and out to eat after wards, but other than that I've been at home all day.  I've been doing some laundry and hiding from the heat as much as I can.  I did get outside for a little and took a few pictures with my cellphone.  The house next door is finally for sale.  It's been empty for almost a year now.  The lady who's parents lived in it has taken her time getting it ready for sale.  It is the house she grew up in so I'm sure it's not been an easy road for her.  But, today they had their first open house.  There were probably only about a dozen people that came to see the house but these two cars were outside the house for almost an hour.  Maybe it won't be long before we have new neighbors.

Our neighbors on the other side of us have a perpetual wood pile in their back yard.  It's not always the same wood, but the husband there does take a long time to chop up a bundle of it.  They have a wood burning stove they use a lot in the winter to help the furnace heat the house.  So, they do go through a lot of wood.

I have not yet shared many of pictures from the new sea lion habitat at our zoo.  It is called Sea Lion Sound. It has an underwater tunnel for viewing of the sea lions swimming around.  It's really amazing to be able to see them swim like that.  Here are some of the pictures I took while in the viewing tunnel.

I have started another month long challenge, but this one is through Instagram.  It's a Photo a Day challenge that fatmumslim posts every month.  Today was the first day and it was a self portrait (ugh) so here is mine.

While I was outside today, I noticed my poor snapdragons are really hurting in this dry heat we're having.  My husband has tried to keep things watered, but it's just a losing battle.  Here I am standing by my shriveled up snaps that didn't even get a chance to open.  I did some dramatic type processing on this picture to emphasize our drought.

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