Thursday, July 5, 2012

More from Grant's Farm

It continues to be extremely hot here.  I have not been out to take any photos.  As a matter of fact, my body is not dealing well with this heat at all.  So, I'm digging into my stash of photos from Grant's Farm on Tuesday.  I guess this is my chance to share more photos than I usually get to share.  I managed to get a good shot of the swan as he was shaking the water off his wings.

This crane was stalking me.  He was over at one side of the pond when I was taking photos of the flamingos.  As we moved around so I could get a better shot of the swan, he followed me and stood staring at me.  Then, we sat down on a bench across from the pond and he walked right up to the fence and stood there and stared at me again.  He stayed there until we got up and left.

This bird was showing off a lot.  I got this shot of him that made me think he was saying, "How you doin'?"

I really enjoyed watching this girl work with this bird.  You could tell that they have a special bond.  It was really cool to listen to her talk to him and tell about him.

The only way you can be outside is to hover in the shade.  And, then, you still only want to be out there for a very short time.  The side of our house is very shady.  Here I am standing on the small wall that surrounds our burning bush.  It's green now, but in the fall it will be red.

Today's word for the photo a day challenge on Instagram was "on the floor."  I got this shot of our doggy's toys that litter our living room floor all the time.

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