Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day at County Parks

Caught this little guy while out at one of our county parks.  We were at Indian Camp Creek Park by the lake.

Paddling Forestry on 365 Project

I thought I'd try to give an idea of our drought situation around here. This is a collage I made of the lake at one of my favorite parks. On the left is a photo taken on July 26th, 2012 of the lake. On the right is a photo taken in the beginning of August of 2011. 

There has been no SUBSTANTIAL rain here since March. We've had a few spot showers, but nothing that can even begin to repair the damage of so many weeks without rain. This collage really does not do this poor lake justice. It made me so sad when we went there today. It's really starting to concern me. They have even taken down the fishing regulations sign as there is no fishing allowed at this time.

Quail Ridge Then and Now on 365 Project

Lately we are taking every opportunity we can to get wet, even if it's just our feet.  This was taken at Indian Camp Creek Park on the playground next to the lake.

Wet Feet on 365 Project

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