Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scottie Fun Match Day

Today was the annual Scottie Fun Match put on by the Unofficial Scottish Terrier Club of Greater St. Louis to benefit the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue.  It's a fun day with just fun categories for those of us who are not really into professional dog shows.  Our Izzy competed in the Best Kisser Category, Most Unusual Color Category, and walked with Michaela in the Junior Showmanship and in the puppy class for 12 -18 month old puppies.  Our Livvy competed in the Best/Longest Sitter Upper category and walked with Caleb in the Junior Showmanship category and the 12 - 18 month puppy category.  There is also a costume category that is always so much fun to watch.  My pictures are not great from this because the lighting is horrible in that place and there were tons of cameras flashing all over the place, but these are the pictures I took today, so they are what I'm posting.

Izzy decided that kissing a stranger was way too unsanitary for her.

Livvy got 2nd place for Best/Longest Sitter Upper

This is Gordon.  He lives in Kansas City.  He was the CUTEST little scuba diver EVER!

Hmmmm.... What's Cruella DaVille doing at a Scottish Terrier function?

Caleb showing Livvy.  Caleb got a really nice complement for a lady at the fun match who turned out to be the coordinator for the junior showmanship association.  Wow!  He'd never done this before.

Izzy got first place for 12 - 18 month old females.  So, she got to go again in best of females.  Here she is trying to stare down the competition.

This is me watching all the fun going on in the ring.

Today's theme for photo a day was building.  Tonight for supper Michael and I went down to Main Street.  We actually ate at Trailhead but I decided to take a picture of Old Mill Stream Inn because I could get a better angle on it.

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