Friday, May 4, 2012

Yup, Still Caleb

It was an up and down night at the ball field for us. Our pitching was great, or fielding was great, but our hitting was horrible and the umps were not great.

My son struck out twice and when he finally got on base he was called out unfairly at home. Even the league official that was there told the umps they needed to pay closer attention. But, in the fifth inning, my 2nd baseman star son caught a ball and threw for a double play and then caught the ball for the third out. All three outs were his!

In the end we lost 8 - 10, and probably could have come back to win (we'd already come back from losing 1 - 10) if we hadn't run out of time. At his age games are not allowed to go longer than 2 hours.

 I GOT IT! on 365 Project

 Taken while sitting in my chair waiting for my son's baseball game to begin.

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